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Isolist capabilities:

Downloading, Installing and Licence Registration:

Using Isolist:

Isolist Capabilities

Can Isolist find the rows that sum to a value?

Not yet, but it's on the way! We'd love to have this feature and it has a high-priority in an up-coming release of Isolist Standard edition.

Although originally planned for Isolist 2.0, we had to pull it from the schedule because of the need to keep Isolist useable in all situations. The task of finding the right combination of rows is known in mathematical circles as the “subset-sum” problem. It's a known problem with a name because it's one of those problems that quickly becomes impractically slow to solve as the number of rows to inspect increases. So, whilst easy to do for maybe 20 rows of data, the reconciliation process simply would never finish if you happen to present it with 100 rows of data.

Nonetheless, it's such a useful feature that we'll include it somehow (necessarily limited in scope) in an upcoming version.

Can Isolist process hundreds of thousands of rows?

No, not yet. In theory, when using Isolist in Excel 2007 you could work with data lists several hundred thousand rows long. However, current versions of Isolist limit you to a total of about 65,000 rows, regardless of your Excel version.

Again, this is in order to protect the innocent. If you initiate a reconciliation on tens of thousands of rows, Isolist is quite likely to complete the task within a few minutes. But if you give Isolist hundreds of thousands of rows, it could easily take several hours to complete. We simply can't take over your Excel application for such lengths of time - after all, you're likely to need Excel for lots of other things besides reconciliation.

A new processing architecture that can be left to run in the background is going to be needed as a minimum requirement to extend the large list-size capability. If you really need this, let us know:- we'll respond to your demand whenever we can.

Is Isolist written in VBA?

There is some VBA code in Isolist, but the bulk is nice and fast C++. Using C++ gives the best performance available and lets us use a wider range of features and capabilities provided by the Windows platform.

Downloading, Installing and Licence Registration:

I've bought a licence. Now where do I get the software from?

There is only one download file that you need - it works both for the free trial period and for your permanent, fully-functional program after purchase. Get it here.

If you've taken advantage of the free trial software then you don't need to download and install Isolist again. Just enter your registration details into the registration page and continue as before.

Do I need to uninstall Isolist before installing a newer version?

It's generally not necessary, but we do advise that you uninstall a previous version before installing a newer one. It's always necessary to fully uninstall Isolist if you want to install an earlier version.

My registration key isn't accepted

If you have purchased a licence for Isolist but the registration key does not succeed in unlocking the software, please try the following:

  1. Ensure that you copy and paste (don't re-type) both the registered name and the registration key from the order notification email. This helps to prevent any errors during the transfer.
  2. Check that your licence matches the installed software. A registration key for Isolist version 1 is not valid in version 2. Also, a registration key for the Standard edition is not valid in the Essential edition, and vice versa. You can easily see exactly which version and edition you have installed by selecting “About Isolist...” from the Help menu in Excel.

If you still can't register your licence with the software, please send us an email. If we can't fix it right away then we can issue you a trial period extension, if necessary, whilst the issues is resolved.

Using Isolist

The Isolist menu items don't appear in my Excel

Sometimes Excel can lose track of the Isolist add-in, in which case the Isolist menu commands will not be available. Here's what you should do:

  1. Close Excel
  2. Open the Isolist Manager program that can be find in the All Programs / Isolist folder from the Start menu
  3. On the Status tab, uncheck the checkbox to disable the add-in, then click the Apply button
  4. Now re-enable the add-in and click the OK button
  5. Open Excel.
  6. From the Tools menu, click on Add-Ins...
  7. The add-in you need to enable is “Isolist XL4 Connector” if you're using Excel 2003 or earlier and “Isolist XL12 Connector” if you're using Excel 2007. Ensure that it's checkbox is ticked to enable the add-in, then click OK
  8. Now test whether the reconciliation function appears on the Data menu.