Reconcile in Excel with Isolist.

The smart way to keep your data in line.

Implements in less than ten minutes but can save you hours every month, freeing your time to focus on what's important.

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Isolist in Excel

Reconciliation Software For Your PC

Isolist adds powerful reconciliation functions to Excel, making it the fastest and easiest tool available for reconciling your data. Unlike ‘enterprise’ reconciliation software, Isolist provides just the functionality you need in a low-price, easy to implement package.

Isolist cut my labor time from 40 hours to 8. I can now spend time resolving issues rather than reconciling checks.
Laura Forbis Consultant, Tropicana Casinos & Resort

Isolist is cheap enough to put on your expense claim, and valuable enough to make you a hero! Watch a 2-minute video of Isolist in action

Save time, big-time

Cut the hours, even days, you spend each month reconciling two versions of data.

Find matches easily

VLOOKUP doesn't cut it. Neither does Access. But with Isolist, reconciling data lists is easy.

Handle complex matches

Isolist's rule-driven engine with advanced logic handles even complex matching tasks.

Meet your month-end deadlines

Period end time is at a premium. Automating your reconciliatons relieves pressure on tight resources.

Gain peace of mind

Un-reconciled subledgers and accounts are a liability. Isolist is the antidote you need to regain control.

Use again and again

Flexible and always to hand, use it to compare any two sets of numbers.

Proximal date rule

Isolist Advantages

Spreadsheet Convenience

Excel is the common denominator of all data systems so as an Excel add-in, Isolist makes perfect sense. In addition, you can

  • install and start benefiting within minutes
  • leverage your existing knowledge and familiarity with Excel, instead of having to learn a new application
  • make use of standard Excel data organisation, calculation and formatting functionality whilst reconciling your data

Low cost

As a desktop solution, there are no hidden costs when you implement Isolist. You don't need:

  • a new server or database to get started
  • an IT project to install and commission it
  • expensive consultants to congifure it for you
  • training courses to learn how to use it.

When to use Isolist

Whenever you need to compare two lists of data and find either the differences or the similarities. For example:

  • between an earlier set of data and a newer one, e.g. closing balances to opening balances
  • reconciling external records to your internal organisational data, e.g. a bank statement to your cash book transactions
  • at the interfaces between different ledgers or systems, e.g. between a CRM system and an order processing system, or between a sub-ledger and the general ledger
  • reconciling two accounts that represent the same information, e.g. inter-company or branch office control accounts
  • when migrating data from an old system to a new one.

Isolist's great flexibility and ready availability means you'll use it over and over again for all sorts of jobs, large and small.

Who should use Isolist

Accountants, auditors, administrators, IT people, marketing people or anyone else who works with data and needs to compare more than one source or version. Isolist can help beginners or occasional users to complete their reconciliations more easily and will help even experienced pros to get their work done much faster.

See the Features page for full details of the features in Isolist.

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