Are you wasting half of your business card?

That’s what Michael O’Shea asked when cards were being swapped at a recent Open Coffee meetup.

Turn your card over. What do you see; useful content or a missed opportunity?

There are several things you could do with the back of your business card. If you’re like me, you’ve got cards in your collection from people you don’t remember, working for businesses you don’t understand. So why not use the space available to spell out what you offer or the benefits your business can provide. Give me some context to help me remember you and I’ll be more likely to call you in the future.

Business Card with Excel Keyboard ShortcutsHere’s another idea. Chuck Green suggests including some useful information on the back of your card. Why? Because you want people to hold on to your card ’til they need it. If you’ve given them something useful along with your contact details then the lifetime of your card in other people’s hands should go up.

The reverse of my new card lists my favourite Excel keyboard shortcuts. These are the best ones, the ones that save me from having to reach for the mouse every few seconds. I think they’re great so, if you get one of my cards, try them out the next time you’re in Excel.

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  • I like it Jim! Shortcuts is a great idea for someone in your business. Even if the user does not use the shortcuts over and over, I bet they will find something that will stick with them and think of you as the supplier.

    Thanks for the mention.

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